Currently a final year medical student at Ain Shams Univeristy in Cairo, Egypt. I'm British, lived my whole life in the UK but came to Egypt for university.

Interests: software, squash and Coptology.

It's incredible how much software has made life easier in Egypt. I no longer have to go to my local farmer who sits on the side of the road (literally on the side of a main road) for my vegetables. It lands at my doorstep in under 15 mins thanks to Talabaat.
I can visit practically anywhere I want in Egypt without having a car thanks to Uber (much cheaper here than in the West).
This is something not to be underestimated.
I remember being a 12 yr old kid visiting Egypt in the summer and opening Google maps only to find nothing. You would open the app and just see emptiness, there were no defined streets or routes. You either had to know where to go or rely on the knowledge of a local taxi driver, and trust they weren't scamming you in the process. 10 years later, I'm exploring Cairo, Alexandria and beyond solely using Google maps as my guide.

I care about great software, it's incredible when it works well. Nowadays web3 and mobile interfaces take much of my thought space. You can find my recent projects here.

Aside from software and medicine, I play squash. On occasion, quite rarely actually, I read. I find myself coming back to the work of the ascetic fathers. Every now and then some traditional Eastern writings find their way into things.

I'm pretty responsive to Twitter DMs, less so to email: hi [at]