We are much better at discerning than articulating.

Some, are better at discerning than others.

They are more sensitive.

What is it that they are more sensitive to?


When something is created, built, spoken, written or performed with a wholeheartedness. You can feel it. But you can't articulate it.

It is for this reason that I no longer want to go fast. I have no interest in shipping a rough project to test whether it fits a user's need.

I have no interest in building quickly.

When someone is truly sincere about what they are building, it happens to be both beautiful and timely. Because it's all they can think about and all they're working on.

If it's taking too long to build, you have a team of people that aren't sufficiently moved by what you're building.

I do not build for product-market-fit. I build for perfection.

The pain-staking process of creating something perfect, is beautifully tortuous. Tortuous because it hurts. Beautiful, because it is all that is true.

Society may love it. But society is also capable of hating it. Pleading for their favour through your work is futile. For what they give you, will soon be taken away from you.

Why suffer at the hand of art? Because that is all that we have.