Try to chase the haters to bring them on your side, and they will run further the opposite way.

Try to control the narrative and it will be perpetuated.

For the sincere living amongst the unserious, it is much more about bringing an umbrella than stopping the rain.


At the heart of mastery, is that seed of innocence with the art. Lose this and you will have lost everything: your work will no longer be a thing of beauty, but a prison of pain.


Rule with an iron fist and you will have problems.

Rule with a soft hand and you will have problems.

That which you allow humans, is what they will give you.


Earn every dollar you can. Own every yacht on the mediterranean sea. That will cause as much harm as a blunt knife. But become attached to it and it will kill you.

Company death

The ambushes of the mind are a candy covered in the soft sweet shell of pleasure and with a poisonous hard inner core.

Succumb to its succulent flavour and you will die the death of mediocrity, for it is the majority who find its taste irresistible.

Few become attune to its unique flavour. These are the ones who watch the mind diligently, like a watchful soldier guarding a fortress into the night.

The source of company downfall is internal conflict within the leader. A blindness to the futile chases and the fruitless pursuits. A succumbing to the ambushes of the mind.

The leader who conquers his own mind will have become infallible to the scourges of man and will create the unimaginable because he builds upon the peak of the mountain that no-one else has yet to even climb.