I've realised that there is nowhere you can find out about what I care about or what I've built or who I am.

This is intentional. But what plagues me is an unending stream of software ideas that I spend most of my time trying to turn off. When the tap is loosened, it is an all encompassing whole body experience that can only be described as some sort of trance. The ideas themselves are so complete that once I'm out, the output is admired and left alone.

What upsets me, is that I can't bring these to life on my own.

I have tried, but the software I spawned was mediore at best. The design succumbed to the constraints of my engineering. The whole process was met with too much friciton, it never felt effortless. As such, the outcome was embarrassing.

I seek to collaborate with those, who like me, spend the majority of their time alone. Who are revoulted by what the majority of people build. Who have a disdain for the status quo.

It is those who deem the act of programming sacred, whose hearts race within the writing of the code that I intend to build viral software with. I will not work with 5 people or 10 people. I will work with one.

Web3 mobile (iOS) is where I feel the greatest change is to be made and where I seek to collaborate. It is not that I seek to build in this category. I have no interest in "building". I only care about redifining. I only care about shattering every previously held notion, assumption and preconception about the space.

My only care is the meticulous creation of Software that is other wordly.

If that isn't the ultimate destination, what was the point of getting started in the first place?

daniel [at] danielkamel.com