New social networks grow when the early adopters get really famous or really rich.

It has to be either or both. It can't be midly famous or midly rich. It has to be really famous or really rich.

Otherwise no-one will care about your new platform.

The whole point is that these early adopters, who are native to a your platform, gain enough notoriety such that creators on other incumbent networks begin to take notice and think "hm maybe I should go try this new thing out."

This is how TikTok beat both Instagram and Twitter.

In some ways, it is digitalising the American Dream.
By that I mean your app takes a nobody, and quickly or seemingly overnight makes them a household name. Like Charli D'Amelio or Addison Rae. These were people nobody knew before TikTok.

New social networks must accrue incredible value to their early native creators such that everyone elsewhere begins to take notice.

Your new social network must digitalise the American Dream.